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Spirituality and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

The conversation around a ‘shift in consciousness’ or the move toward exploring spirituality is becoming more open and accepted every day. Practises that were seen as being fanciful are now being taught in schools [...]

A little note from the universe

This is a reminder that you are a physical embodiment of the universe and life itself. You are time and space, knowledge and wisdom, learning and growth. As you become more aware of this, you’ll find yourself [...]

How to find your own sense of spirituality

Wanting to feel spiritual but not knowing where to start is a strange place to be in.  Often, you don’t know exactly what it is you’re looking for (enlightenment? Inner peace? Communication with guides? All the [...]

8 Signs You’ve Found Your Purpose

You’ve wondered what your purpose is. You’ve thought about it, maybe talked about it with a close friend, read articles on how to find it. And finally, you think you might have figured it out. Buuut…you’re still [...]

The First Stage in Finding Your Purpose

This article was written for Good Magazine. Read it in full here! Discovering your purpose will spark a change in your life that you can’t help but follow. Your purpose is meant to be fulfilled, and by doing so, you [...]