How to connect with your spirit guides

How to connect with your spirit guides

I wrote this post for MindBodyGreen. Check out the full article here. Imagine having an eternal friend by your side—someone who’s always there for you, someone who’s genuinely passionate about [...]

Know Who You Are With These 25 Questions

This article was published on the Huffington Post To know who we are is something we should discover early on in life.  You know the saying about loving yourself before you can love anyone else? Knowing yourself is [...]

How to Turn Your Purpose Into a Business

  This article was written for Raspberry Magazine. Being able to make a living from what you feel passionately called to do is the ultimate dream. But it can be hard to know where to begin, and all too often it [...]

What’s your personality profile?

When you know who you inherently are; what you like and don’t like, your strengths and weaknesses – you start to understand where it is you want to go in life, and how best to get there. You learn how to grow, [...]

Pregnancy and vasa previa

  I read a story a while ago about pregnancy during the ancient greek times. Pregnant women would stay together in an idyllic setting – and spend their pregnancy wandering through beautiful gardens, [...]

Three Truths About Your Life Purpose

The journey of finding your purpose is often filled with trial and error, stops and starts, mistakes and learning — and that’s okay. That’s all part of it. However, a gentle nudge in the right [...]

Baby News!

So I’ve been M.I.A for the past three months, but I have a very exciting reason for that – we’re having a baby! I’m in complete awe of the changes and journey so far; it’s been incredible. My leave of absence from [...]

How to Find Your Purpose

This article was written for the Huffington Post. I remember how it felt, not knowing my purpose. Work, friends and day to day life usually kept me distracted. But in the gaps between those distractions, like in the [...]

14 Ways to Stimulate Personal Growth

This article was written for the Huffington Post You know you’re here for big things, right? You have a difference to make and a purpose to live. And if you’re doing that right now — perfect. Keep [...]

Finding Your Purpose

I’ve had quite a few conversations in the past few months around finding your purpose, or the ‘thing’ you’re meant to do. Nearly everyone at some point wonders how to find what it is they’re meant to be doing in [...]