8 Signs You’ve Found Your Purpose

8 Signs You’ve Found Your Purpose

You’ve wondered what your purpose is.

You’ve thought about it, maybe talked about it with a close friend, read articles on how to find it.

And finally, you think you might have figured it out.

Buuut…you’re still unsure. How do you know for sure this is what you’re meant to do? How will you know?

There are signs you can look out for. These signs will let you know you’re heading in the right direction, or that you’ve found your purpose.

Do any of these sound familiar?


And I mean literally, physically feel it. It can feel like butterflies, or a tummy flip, or a warm rush over your heart. You’ll get this feeling when you find your purpose, or when you get closer to finding it. Think of those feelings like clues – if you get that feeling about something, explore further.


When you look back, you realise you’ve gravitated towards your purpose your whole life. Interests as a kid, personality traits, opportunities you’ve pursued (or wanted to pursue) – they’ve all pointed to this one thing, this purpose that you know you have.

  1. You feel inspired

And pumped. You’ll be energised and maybe a little nervous, but excited to make this happen.

  1. You’ve stopped wondering what your purpose is

You’re no longer awake at night wondering what your calling in life is. You no longer wonder what you’re meant to do. You think more about your next step – how are you going to make this happen?

  1. You know you’ve found it

It’s kinda like finding your true love. You just know. You’ll know with every cell in your body when you’ve found your purpose. Even when times get tough, you’ll still feel as drawn to your purpose as you did at the start.

  1. You feel connected and in tune

You’ll have clarity and certainty about yourself, your life, and where you’re headed. You may also feel spiritually in-tune with life, and the unseen energy that binds us all together.

  1. Money isn’t your first consideration

When you think about your purpose, your first thoughts won’t be ‘how much can I make?’ You’ll think more about how you can make this happen, and work out how to make a living from there. Tip: your purpose doesn’t have to you make you a living. You can have a day job and bring your purpose to life in another way.

  1. Opportunities and ‘coincidences’ happen

This is possibly one of my favourites. There is a big difference between coincidences (‘Oh hey, I just read that book too!) and coincidences (*randomly thinking about someone you haven’t seen for eight years**run into them on the street later that day*).

And when you find your purpose, you’ll find more of the latter ‘coincidences’ pop up. Opportunities will present themselves to you, and they’ll somehow be exactly what you need, or exactly what you were looking for.

When this happens, take a moment to smile and say a huge, heartfelt thank you to the person behind the opportunity, and to the universe/god/higher energy/spirit/world for having your back.

Has any of this happened to you?

If so, chances are you’ve found your purpose. Brilliant! Your next adventure is working out how you’re going to bring it to life.

If you haven’t found your purpose, don’t worry. You have one – and you will find it.

Follow your instincts and let yourself be drawn to ideas, people, places, objects and activities.